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The Cook is In the Kitchen! »

I did it guys! I finally made her! Anyone mind coming in and interacting with her a bit? :3c




I just never will. If an OC and a Canon Character happen to fall in love then so be it. The only problem is when a person bends a character’s personality and makes them fall in love or makes them extremely out of character, but hell, that happens a lot in Canon/Canon too when it comes to fandom. It’s not automatically terrible or even bad if an OC is paired up with a Canon Character, if that’s how the story’s played out according to the roleplayer(s)/writer then let it be. It’s their love story, it’s no one else’s to judge just because someone has their Original with someone from a show/book/etc.

And besides, there’s one important thing everyone seems to overlook when they bash OC/Canon. In the end, no matter what, they’re all characters. And characters are all equal, one is not higher than the other because they have a show, movie or book. And a character shouldn’t have to be “deserving” of the canon character, that’s just not how love works.”


This actually makes me really happy, I was really sad the past few days because I was working hard on a OC/Canon story. And I started to see that people really hated those stories so I was gonna give up on it. But now I’m not, knowing that there are atleast 8,553 people that don’t mind OC/Canon ship stories.

((The person who made this deserves a trophy…))

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-.:| Attention! |:.-

Hey everyone! I know for the last few days I haven’t been active on this account; apparently the whole crew decided to go on a vacation of sorts, so I can’t really rp them much at the moment. Gaining your muses back is kinda hard, after all! So, as of now, I’ll be going in a small hiatus on this account until I feel I can grasp them again.

In the meanwhile, however, I have recently immersed myself in the wondrous adventures of Team Fortress 2! I’ve become interested in it so much, in fact, that I have decided to make my own character for such even though I don’t play the actual game itself! The characters that you play as are really interesting, though I usually wonder who cooks and cleans up after them when they’re out battling and such. So! I made a little OC for such!

This is Alessandra Rossi, Italian chef for the RED team!  She’s very strict when it comes to cooking, and, seeing as being the only female within the team, she makes sure to train herself to complete perfection when she’s not cooking.  

I’ll be making a blog for her soon, so expect me to post a link soon!


people who slip into proper grammar when they’re upset are fucking terrifying

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send me ‘well hello’ and my muse will climb into your muse’s lap

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I don’tcarewhat you

                                              《thinkof me,
                                                do】 to mE,
                                                 say⊱ to ME,

                                                              Just leave THE M out of it.

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A Thousand Words (Ib AU) || {of-roses-and-tea}


As Bianca further explored the art museum, she soon realized that there were not only paintings, but statues as well put out on display for the public eye. Some were pretty, like that 'Embodiment of Spirit' statue she saw downstairs, which was essentially just a life-sized red rose with lots of thorns. Most of them though were just plain weird, such as those headless black mannequin things shown on the second floor. Seriously, who had time to create all this ridiculous shit?? Apparently this ‘Guretena’ guy.

Before the warrior decided to check out the other artwork on the same floor however, her eye caught sight of something outside the window. Curiously, she approached said window and widened her violet eyes once they spotted both a green house and a garden. “Damn, look at all those flowers…”

…Wait. No. She should be focusing on her mission, godsdammit. She couldn’t afford to be distracted by— oh, fuck it. It wasn’t like there was a time limit on her job, right? Plus, it would only take a minute or two. Bianca then went back downstairs and headed towards the garden area.

She shortly arrived at the gorgeous location and oh wow, everything was certainly better up close. Taking in the mixed sweet scent, she strolled through the garden, nearly overwhelmed by the abundant amount of flowers. Although, out of all the beautiful choices, for some reason, her attention was drawn to a single simple purple flower.

"The anemone…?" she read off the little white sign and arched a brow. "Huh… Well that’s…kinda cool. I guess." With a shrug, she finally peeled her gaze away from it and— "Oof!!" ..bumped into someone.

"Who the— ??" A double take. Then a gawk. Then a glare. "Oh fuckin’ hell, it’s you. Why the fuck are you here, ya red dick?” Her arms crossed over her big chest in annoyance.

The Brit merely huffed, practically mirroring her actions as he too glared at her being, arms both crossed over each other in front of his chest. "I believe I should be asking you that question. I doubt anyone with a brain the size smaller than a peanut would ever go to a place filled with art pieces.” 

What was it that she even planned to do here, even? Ruin the pieces of artwork? Take out a spray can and create graffiti all over the place? Blast it all, she was certainly here for something other than appreciating such masterpieces and rather going for trouble! 

"Going for more trouble, correct? You should know that there are security guards here   A small thought popped into his mind, realizing the possibility that she hadn’t even used the bloody front doors like every normal person did. "… You did use the doors to enter, right?.." Oh for Hell’s sake let it be that she came in like a civilized person…!

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"Did someone say my name~?"

I did Shou this time! He has a pretty slim figure   perfect to squeeze into anywhere imagine all you want~. His jacket can be a bit tight too, so he usually takes it off from time to time.