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4: A goodbye letter

It was a rather off day in the cafe. Yes, everything still moved here and there with all the customers about, as well as the same warm aroma that comes from the kitchen. However, there appears to be more chatter than usual. Most were murmurs, distinct from the other conversations that were normally taken place in the area. If you’d listen carefully though, you’d probably be able to make out the words ‘Brit’ and ‘gone’.

As they gossip, the maid running the place attends to any needy customers, a distant smile upon her face. In her pocket was a small envelope, scribbled in neat cursive,

Cursive Fonts

| [☯] | — It had been quite some time since Bianca Blake checked in on that prissy red dickhead at a certain cafe. …

…Did she just say ‘check in on’? Nono, obviously she meant ‘irritated’, irritated the dickhead. Because checking in on someone implied that she cared about them and clearly that was not the case when the female warrior marched inside the public eating place, swiftly sweeping her lavender gaze around to search for him.

…the fuck…? ❞ Her eyes suspiciously narrowed as she laid her hands on her hips. Normally, she would be able to spot him in mere seconds, especially with that striking scarlet hair of his. But apparently that wasn’t the case today—

He left, didn’t he?

Yeah, he’s gone.

What? Seriously? No way!

Aw man, that Brit was cute too…

                                                         { ???! Huh … ?! }

That wasn’t…they couldn’t be talking about Issac, right? A small pang of panic caused her to whirl around and frantically find someone who could— perfect, that chick was here!

Oi!! You!! ❞ she called out and immediately hurried over to the nearby maid. ❝ Tell me where that damn British shitstain Issac went off to! I need to know!! ❞ In her haste, Bianca earnestly grabbed a part of the maid’s shirt and yanked her towards her.

With a yelp and a stumble the maid was practically flung towards the warrior, completely taken by surprise of the fact on how close and     dare she say it?     panicked the other was.

It didn’t take long for her to put two and two together, her shock immediately fading to a sympathetic smile as soon as her suspicions were confirmed. And so, with a slow shake of the head which was kinda hard with the fact the her shirt was being clutched so hard, she could only hand the poor girl the letter she held onto.

I’m sorry, mademoiselle. I don’t know where he went off to. He did, however, leave this letter for you.

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